Thursday, December 2, 2010


I finally picked this one up. It's a slow grind because you can only gain 1500 rep per day and the rep required a bunch of travelling to far-off places. Still, you get a nice (epic) +30 fishing pole from it that also gives underwater breathing and a penguin pet. The fishing pole is something I've bee waiting a long time to pick up as it should help with fishing in cataclysm. I have a High-Eternium Line to add to it that I picked up from the fishing daily quests - it seemed a waste to use a +5 line on a crappy pole.

Next up: I'm not sure actually. Certainly, I'm going to grind out the BC reps thatare grindable, and I really want to finish skyguard so that I can get my 100 mount achievement almost done, but I'm not sure what to work on next. It will almost certainly be somethign reputation-based, although I DO have a lot fo quests to re-do because of the changes from the Shattering that wiped out 1500 of my hard-earned quests :(

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