Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Epic Fail :(

I guess I failed.

With arena at an end today, it's not longer possible for me to pick up every achievement in the game until next season.

That doesn't mean I'm giving up however - working on achievements has made the game exceptionally fun again and is much more interesting that purely doing the end-game raiding thing where I only experience one new bit of content in a week of play.

I'm going to continue working on all my achievements and try to pick  up as many as possible before the year is out. I still think that I can get all/almost all of the achievements without a time component.

Right now I'm working on finishing Zandalar rep. The reason is simple - it's going away in the expansion and I want the extra exalted rep for future achievements. I'll also be trying for the ZG mount and farming the pets at the same time.

In case anyone isn't aware, it's possible to get from nutral to exalted with ZG in around 7 hours but just killing trash, then running out and resetting the instance. The bijous, coins and rep that you get will get you to exalted quickly.

The other thing I'm working on right now is getting a BWL run going so that I can do the "sceptre of the sands" questline. All indications are that this questline will be broken come Cataclysm. The questline gives extra quests for "4000 quests" (I'm sure this will happen eventually) as well as a recipe that will probably never come back into the game (Dirge's Chimaerock Chops) - essential for hitting the new cooking achievements in Cataclysm as quickly as possible.

On the gold front, I've been stocking up on some things, so my balance is low. I think that once the expansion comes out, we'll see a large number of alts being made. Alts need enchants for their heirloom items and so I'm making several stacks of every good heirloom enchant in preperation for this expected surge.

Specifically, I'm making:

100x Crusader scrolls
40x 30 spellpower scrolls
100x +4 stats scrolls
20x +22 intellect scrolls

and some others that I need to research.

I am also buying up all the cheap argent tournament pets that I can find, on the assumption that not very many people are going to bother running AT dailies once cataclysm comes out, but several people are going to want to get the new pet achievements, if any. In addition, I'm assuming that gold inflation will happen and on-drop pets tend to be inflation-proof since they are just as useful at 85 as at 80.

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