Sunday, September 26, 2010

Update with 75 days to go

I was in Europe for the last few weeks. I logged in for 5 minute one time to get the pirates day achievement and then never played again.

I've spent the last few days catching up with non WoW things. That being said, I did a lot of PVP (especially wintergrasp) and dailies and I busted through a large number of heroic achievements for my Glory of the Hero.

I'm down to two occulus ones that I can hopefully finish tomorrow.

Other than that, I'm doing Brewfest every morning and trying to finish up the more obscure stuff. I also restarted my gold generation - something I'm goign to have to start hitting hard in the next few days - I need 25,000g for a mount and a ring and a lot more for cata. Should be interesting.

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