Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quick Update: Midsummer and gold

I finished up all of the Midsummer achievements on the very last day (Sunday). Technically this means I'm still in the running to finish in a year.

Gold generation is going well. I'm at 11,000g in cash with huge stockpiles of enchanting mats and scrolls and a large collection of blue and epic items I bought to resell. I'm ignoring the JC market - enchanting keeps me busy enough.

Crusader scrolls are selling very quickly. I'm having to list 3 at a time to keep up with demand. I'm making 150g profit on each one too :)


  1. Sup Death, just stopping by for a visit! I tried selling Crusaders a few months back and the market never worked for me compared to alchemy. The raid consumable market had (has?) a large constant demand. Glad to see you're kicking ass at it however. Maybe one day you'll catch Raish ... nah!!

    cheers! - wulf

  2. I think the trick with selling crusaders in particular is to make sure you buy ALL of the reasonably-priced righteous orbs from the AH (anything at market value or below), every day.